Free of _____
Sierra. 21 years old. International Studies student. Asheville, North Carolina.
Free of _____
Obligatory Earth Day photo. Taken during the first week of this month when we were on the road.  (at devil’s punchbowl)
Happy Easter from @printcesspaper and her cool as ice “fang face” patch.  (at Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park)
Spotted on the side of a newspaper dispenser in Oregon. We out here. #goonies #truffleshuffle
Good morning, we’re on a ferry

#wighawbe  (at Kingston-Edmonds Ferry)
From yesterday’s arrival into Vancouver, BC

Had a good time with some golden people. Thanks @clairekhristi for the hangs and hospitality
@subertramp showing us the sights of her city from the top of the water tower (at Volunteer Park Water Tower)
Grateful today for the wellies on my feet

#wighawbe  (at punch bowl falls)
Our hike today was so beautiful, I thought I could burst  (at Eagle Creek Trailhead)
From this morning: snow capped trees and winding roads #wighawbe  (at Mount Hood Highway)
Spring Break 2014

Day two: woke up and explored this abandoned trailer #wighawbe  (at trinity national forest)
Spring Break 2014 

Day one (from yesterday but I couldn’t upload on account of having no service)

The fog and colors here are unreal #wighawbe (at Shasta National Forest)
Spring Break 2015: SF to Vancouver 

Day one (couldn’t upload yesterday on account of having no service) 

The fog and colors here oh me oh my.  (at Mt Shasta)